The Role of The Author And Initial Characterisation In ‘Touching The Void’ Chapter One

1- I believe that these word mean that people how only dream are never going to achieve anything, but those who have their dream in the day, live their dreams, are going to do great things. However this could also be interpreted as people who try to live their dream, maybe shouldn’t, maybe they should just be dream because they are not achievable realistic or safe, this would make these people very dangerous to themselves and others. This quote is meant to make us, the reader, think about our dreams, our actions, and their consequences.

2- My first impression of Joe is that he feels right at home, in his element, where he belongs, in the outdoors. “The sounds of rustling, of fabric in the wind, or of rainfall, the feel, of hard lumps under ground sheet, the smell of rancid socks and sweat – these are universal, as comforting as the warmth of the down sleeping bag.” “I felt a homely affection for the tent…”

3- Simon and Joe have, at least as it is currently being portrayed, a healthy friendship. They seem to be more like brothers rather than friends, Simon seems to be the older brother that Joe looks up to, aspires to be, his role model. This gives us, as the reader, some idea of their relationship, it will also create some confusion, and maybe some hatred towards Joe and Simon later in the book, depending on our idea on what is acceptable, and what is not.   

4- The way that Joe describes Richard in the beginning of the book gives the impression that Joe and Simon think that he is unusual, a bit of a novelty. He makes it sound like they, Simon and Joe, found him amusing so they decided to invite him to come with them, and that they might be able exploit him. The way that Joe talks about him makes it seem that Joe believe Richard is a lesser man than Simon and himself. We as the reader may not pick up that Joe believes that he and Simon are superior to Richard, as we don’t pick up everything the first time we read through it sounds like JOe is just giving background information, but after having a closer look and rereading this passage we are able to unpack Joes true meaning.

5- The fact that Joe and his party are so far away from civilization would cause problems if problems if there complications on their climb because the isolation means that help won’t be easily reachable, if at all, and if or when it could arrive would  most likely be too late to be of help.

6- Joe repeats ‘We can do it’ each time he feels discomfort and fear to distract himself from his worries. Another reason is thank it psych himself up for the climb by repeating it over and over it makes him think he can do it.

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