Writing a Formal Response (Point Paragraph)

State your point/topic (first sentence): Simons narration is significant in “Disaster-Chapter 5”
Expand with relevant background detailSimons narration is told through Joe’s perspective, however Simon validated Joe’s account as “fair and correct.” Simons “voice” reveals that he resented Joe’s injury and that he felt justified in distancing himself from Joe.
Examples(specific): The text states “…” The reader is told “…” It is revealed “…” Words like “…” This selected text “…” Tells us “…”
Response (Your Response) – What does the reader learn? – What does the reader think/visualize/feel? – What connections can the reader make to other experiences or contexts? – What is the overall purpose/message? : The reader understands from this narration that Simon is calculating the value of his life against Joe’s. he also treats the situation logically and considers the “odd’s” of their survival, if Joe is assisted down the mountain. This presents an interesting reality about human nature: should we risk our own life for others? When does our relationship or commitment to a person end? Is it excusable to relinquish responsibility when we are endangered ourselves?  

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